Flawesome! That’s you… That’s us…



I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest and I came across this word, FLAWESOME. It means choosing to be awesome despite of the flaws. I was struck and saw the beauty and deeper meaning of it.



Most of the time, we criticize ourselves too much. We talk harshly about our bodies, our weaknesses, our lives. “I’m too fat, I have flabs, I have stretch marks, my life’s a mess.”


Yes, it’s true. Life is full of troubles, challenges and problems. Our bodies are not perfect either. We have flaws and insecurities. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome. Sometimes we dwell on the bad and forget to appreciate the good. We focus on what’s missing and tends to forget to be grateful for all the things we already have. We just need to learn to be contented and to love ourselves a bit more. Despite of life’s imperfections, we can still choose and decide to be awesome.

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