SWASH Swimwear

SWASH is a swimsuit label made in the Philippines, founded by me and partner because of our love for beach and travelling. 

Classy, timeless and versatile swimwear is what we aim to produce. Suits that can be worn not just in the beach but also in the city. Not just for swimming but also for errands, lounging or night out with friends. We are trying to diminish the thought of categorizing swimsuits in the “summer” section of the closet only. We believe that swimsuits are so much more than a summer outfit. Our designs are made to last for years and can withstand the change of trends. 

We understand how hard it is to look for a perfect fitting swimwear which is also one of the main reasons why we built this brand. We cater to all types and sizes of body. We believe that all bodies are flawesome (awesome despite of flaws). Swimsuits are like an armour of confidence that will accentuate our bodies and will help women be comfortable in their own skin. We hope to build a community where women can be themselves, supporting and empowering each other. 

We are also introducing resort wear that’s comfortable and versatile. We want women to invest in pieces that can be used over and over again without being boring and monotonous.

We will continue treading with this mission in mind. Thank you for patronizing and believing in our products.

Love - Jonah and Bry

Letters from our Flawesome Babes

Worn it more than 10 times in salt water and pool water but it still looks new up to this date.

- Allyviate

Letters from our Flawesome Babes

I love how Anaya fit me perfectly despite my small frame. It's also a great wash and wear suit as I practically go to the beach and surf everyday. Aside that, it doesn't come off easily specially the padding part when I get hit by big and strong waves. For this I definitely commend your swimwear.

- Dhen Pasallan

Letters from our Flawesome Babes

Yay! I’m so happy. Ethel and I were meant to be.

- Ann Kristine Abella

Letters from our Flawesome Babes

I got the swimsuit already. Ang gandaaaaaaa! Huhu… Perfect fit

- Angelica Fernandez

Letters from our Flawesome Babes

Hi Swash! I really love your bathing suit. It’s surf friendly. Tried it the other day. And the back design is amazing.

- Anna Mitra

Our Packaging

In an effort to take care of our planet, we chose a reusable packaging for our brand. This fabric pouch can serve as your Covid essentials kit. It can easily fit a small alcohol, face mist, mask and other disinfecting products. Even after the pandemic, you can still use it as a travel pouch for your toiletries or lingeries.

Our Label

Have you noticed our product label? If you’ll take a closer look, you will see our little life care tip. It says: “You cannot hide from your poison. It’s out there and it will find you. Take the approach to live life to the fullest. Not as others suggest. Enjoy everything you were told not to. None of us are getting out of here alive. So please stop treating yourself like an after thought. Eat delicious food, walk in the sunshine, jump in the ocean, say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly, be kind, be weird. There’s no time for anything else.” - Keanu Reeves



- the rush of seawater up the beach after the breaking of a wave.